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At Reeves Amplification, we believe that while there are many amplifier choices on the market today, some discriminating players still prefer the classic British designs of the 1970's era. These amps were known for their legendary mil-spec build quality and peerless reliability, and of course for their unique tone unlike any other amp back then or since.

With this in mind, Reeves Amplification has put out the Custom line of hand wired tube amplifiers built to these same lofty standards. Our amps are hand built with the highest quality components available and wired by hand. Our cabinets are constructed of 13-ply Baltic Birch for tone and durability. No circuit boards, no pressed boards, no short cuts, no compromises. All made in the USA.

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Reeves Space Cowboy Space Cowboy
The 'Space Cowboy'.  A perfect blend of our classic British clean headroom with American reverb...maybe we should have called it the British Blackface.
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ToneQuest "The original HIWATT® amps designed by Dave Reeves' Hylight Electronics company first appeared in England in 1966-67. HIWATT® amps are known for their bullet-proof reliability, military spec, point-to-point, turret board construction supervised by Harry Joyce in the 70's, and their robust signature tone huge, loud, and the cleanest of any classic British amp ever made. We’ve reviewed a ton of amps in these pages, but like the original Hiwatt amps that inspired them, the two Reeves amps evaluated here are exceptional indeed, uniquely versatile as described and built to an unsurpassed standard of impeccable care and quality."   Learn more

New Reeves Custom 30 Video
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New Reeves Custom Jimmy Video
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New Reeves Custom 225 Video
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New Reeves Super '78 Video
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New Reeves Super '78 Video
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Save $100 Per 1x15 Cabinet
Buy a Custom 225 amplifier and you can buy up to two 1x15 bass cabinets at $699 each OR up to two 4x10 bass cabinets at $899 each ... saving $100 per cabinet.
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We offer NOS tube options to further enhance you tonal experience. Please ask about price and availability.

If your item is not returned during the 10-day trial period, we will refund your shipping costs. Offer is available only in the lower 48 states.
* Excludes 1x15, 4x10, and 4x12 speaker cabinets.